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The Wahoo’s summer season requires almost “650 volunteer shifts” and “2000 points” to run all the Meets and Pep Rallies.

The Woodcliffe Wahoos Swim Team is a parent run organization. Without the active and full support of ALL Wahoo parents, a meet cannot take place. A home swim meet requires 30 Wahoo parent volunteers to help make it successful, while an away meet almost 20 Wahoo parent volunteers. Time Trials is a great place to learn about volunteer positions – we need almost 60 parents to help the day of Time Trials.

It is required to volunteer 12 points for each swimmer (24 points per family) Most meet shifts are 4 points and ½ meet shifts and social events are 2 points. No experience is necessary for most of the volunteer roles; veteran Wahoo parents will help walk you through the process. Although, most volunteers are needed at our meets, we also need volunteers for our socials events which also count towards a family’s volunteer commitment.

We are offering a few ½ meet timing and concession slots at B Meets for parents with young kids and/or with swimmers that do not swim the entire meet. These are ½ session credits (2 points). The ½ shifts are a lot harder to manage and its imperative no one leaves their position without a “warm turn over” to the next person (ie giving a stopwatch to the next person or confirming the next person is actually in snack shack)

This Year the Wahoos will recognize those with the highest Volunteer hours throughout the summer and at our Banquet.

SSL Hours - 6th Grade and Older

There will be opportunities during the Swim Season and Meets for our Swimmers to earn SSL hours. Please see volunteer section noted by “SSL jobs available.” SSL Jobs are in high demand and a privilege. It is expected that SSL volunteers show up (on time) andbe prepared to volunteer the time they committed. All hours need to be recorded to receive an end of Season certificate

Parent Meet Volunteers - MCSL Certified Officials (Training Required)

We are always in need of Trained Officials. You do not need to be a swimmer yourself to be an effective official. MCSL provides training for meet officials. It’s a great way to learn more about the sport while supporting your swimmer! Every single meet (MCSL or Wednesday night) requires starters, stroke and turn judges and referees who have been previously trained and certified at an MCSL clinic. It is strongly urged that as many parents as possible attend at least one clinic. Clinics last approximately 2 to 3 hours. Information can be found on the MCSL website,

Referee – The referee is the chief official for the swim meet. They are responsible for the conduct of the meets and are the final authority on the interpretation and enforcement of all swimming rules. They need to be thoroughly familiar with all applicable MCSL rules, meet procedures and duties of all meetofficials.

Starter – The starter has complete control over the swimmers from the time the referee signals the start of the race until after a fair start has been made. The starter will call the swimmers to their start position, get them set and then start the race. Starters also indicate whether false starts haveoccurred.

Stroke and Turn Judge – Stroke and Turn Judges ensure that the rules relating to the stroke, turn, kick and finish designated for the event are being observed. These judges are responsible for watching swimmers for disqualifications (DQs) in stroke technique during each race and reporting DQs to the meetreferee.

Meet Volunteer Positions

Time Trials Saturday A Meets Wednesday B Meets
Home Meet Home Meet Home Meet Away Meet
Volunteer Position Number Needed Number Needed Number Needed Number Needed Number Needed
Referee 1 1 0 1 0
Administrative Referee 1 0 1 0 1
Starter 1 0 1 0 1
Stroke & Turn Judge 10 2 2 2 2

Other Meet Volunteers

Other volunteer positions which require no MCSL certification and training include:

Announcer – HOME MEETS ONLY - Will announce the events of the swim meet and the swimmers, when swimmers need to go to Clerk of Course to check in for their race, when timers need to move to the opposite end of the pool, announces any records, All‐Star times and score of the meet. The announcer will also play music before, after and during breaks in themeet.

Automation /Computer Operator/ Scorer – Consists of several roles including verifier and computer operator. Automation is responsible for entering race times, scoring the meet, producing and posting results, producing ribbon labels, and finally reporting results to thedivision automationliaison. Automation volunteers sit in the shade on the deck of the pool or in the Club House (if it rains). Computer Operator (Entering Times) requires minimal training and verifying scores requires no training. MCSL holds training for Computer Operators for those interested in May (you can also learn on the job at Time trials and early meets)

Timer – Will use a stop watch to accurately time the swimmer in their assigned lane from start to finish. Will record all the times on the time card and hand to head timer or runner. There are 3 timers in Every Lane.

Head/Assistant Head Timer are experienced timers that act as a backup for timers if lane timers experience technical mishaps during races

Clerk of Course – Will assist in checking in swimmers prior to their event and instruct them as to which lane and heat they will swim in. They will also direct the swimmers to the staging area to await theirevents. This volunteer position is for an individual that does not get flustered by chaos and lots of kids. It helps to know many of the swimmers but if you are new, it is also a great way to get to know all the swimmers.

Runner – Collects the time sheets/cards from the head timer or timers and turns them in to automation. Will also collect the DQ slips and turn them in toautomation. (SSL jobs available)

Concessions – HOME MEETS ONLY ‐ Sells food, drink and team spirit wear at all home meets throughout the season. The proceeds from the concessions sales go directly to the Woodcliffe Team to supportoperations. Our home meets will also need a Grill Master to make Burgers and Hot Dogs. (SSL jobs available)

Ribbon Writer Prepares the ribbons for swimmers by attaching labels (received from automation) to the appropriate ribbon. Ensures that each team receives their award ribbons at the end of themeet. (SSL jobs available)

Setup/Breakdown Crew HOME MEETS ONLY – Responsible for setting up equipment (backstroke flags,

lane markers, speakers, etc.) at the pool Friday night and Sat. Morning prior to the meet and after the meet breaking down the equipment. Will move tables, chairs, etc., before and after the meet. This position is only required at homemeets. (SSL jobs available)

Other Non Shift Volunteers Needed

End of Year Banquet

Parent Party

Pep Rallies


Throughout the course of the season, the Wahoos hold many social activities for all the swimmers and their families. Parent volunteers are needed for several of these activities as well. These activities include:

Friday Night Pep Rallies

Friday Night Themed Pep Rallies are when Wahoos swimmers and families will gather at the pool, share a meal, and prepare for the Saturday morning meet the next day. Themed food is available for a small fee. Pep rallies take place every Friday night at 6:00pm immediately preceding Saturday meets.

13 and Up Events

Special events are planned throughout the season for our 13 and up swimmers.

Parents Party

A fun night for Wahoos parents to get together and get to know each other.

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