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1. How old are the kids on the Wahoos team?

Swimmers on the Wahoos range from as young as 4 years old to 18 years of age.

2. How long is the season?

The season typically runs the entire months of June and July.

3. How does the Head Coach decide who swims on Saturday and on Wednesday?

Generally the three (3) fastest times in each event for each age group will swim in the meet on Saturday except for the Freestyle, where the top six (6) fastest times will swim. All other swimmers will generally swim in the meet on Wednesday. In some cases, a swimmer will swim in both meets for the week.

The Coaches will put a swimmer in an event where they feel the team will get the most points for the meet. This may not necessarily be the swimmers best event. Relay participants at a Saturday meet may not be decided until midway through the meet.

4. How are lane assignments determined for each event?

In events with more than one heat, the swimmers with the slower times will swim in the first heat. The fastest swimmers swim in the last heat. Within a heat, for a dual meet, the home team will swim in either the odd or even lanes, while the visiting team will swim in the other lanes. The visiting team will pick which lanes they want to swim in (even or odd) prior to the meet.

5. What is an IM?

IM’s are Individual Medleys. An IM will consist of the swimmer swimming all four strokes in the following order: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle. Each stroke is swum the same distance.

6. Can my child leave the meet once he/she has completed all their events?

All swimmers should try and stay until the end of the meet to cheer on all of their teammates. The final race for the MCSL meets on Saturday is a relay race. Please do not leave because your child may be asked to swim in this relay.

7. Do the swimmers get ribbons?

Depending on the meet, place and time the swimmer finishes will determine if they get a ribbon. For MCSL meets, the top 6 places awarded place ribbons. For Wednesday night meets, the top 6 places are awarded place ribbons while the other swimmers receive participation ribbons. At some special meets, such as the Superstars meet, the first 12 places are awarded ribbons.

8. Can a swim meet or practice be “rained out”?

Swim meets are not postponed by rain, only by thunder and lightning. Even it if is raining you should still show up at a meet until it is called off and you have been notified not to go. If it begins to thunder and lightning during the meet, the meet will be delayed for one hour period starting from the time the last lightning was observed. If it does not appear that it will blow over, the meet will be postponed until another mutually agreeable time for both teams. If the meet is partially completed when interrupted by weather, only the events not yet performed because of the weather will occur on the makeup day.

Inclement weather policy – Please remember that swim team practice is ON in the rain if there is no lightning!

9. How will I find out about team events and other team news? How can I communicate with the coaches or other parents?

The primary form of communication for the Wahoos team is via email. The team email address is [email protected] Information will also be posted on our website and social media accounts.

10. Are all the swimmers required to wear the team suit?

Team suits are not required but are highly encouraged. If your swimmer has a matching team suit then they will feel like they are part of the team. It also makes it easier for the coaches during meets if all our swimmers are in team suits. We ask that a swimmer at least wear a suit that is a combination of black, red and/or white

11. What time does the team get together prior to the meet?

It depends on whether it’s a home meet or away meet. For a home meet, the Wahoos warm up first. The coaches/reps will notify swimmers what time they need to be at the pool, typically it is 90 minutes prior to the meet start. For an away meet, the Wahoos will warm up last so we need to be at the away pool approximately 1 hour prior to the meet start.

Additionally, before a Saturday morning away meet, the Wahoos swim team will meet at the Woodcliffe pool parking lot to decorate our vehicles and car caravan to the away meet. The coaches/reps will notify the swimmers what time the caravan leaves the Woodcliffe pool, usually it is no later than 7:30 a.m.

12. What should I bring to a swim meet?

Directions (if an away meet)

Swim suit (and backup)

Team Swim Cap

Goggles (2 pairs minimum)

Towels (2 minimum)

Weekly Theme attire

Water bottle and/or other drinks



Sandals or Flip-flops



Money (for concessions)

13. Are all the pools the same size?

For a team to be a member of the MCSL, they are required to have a pool which is 25 meters in length, minimum 4 feet in depth at both ends and have a minimum of six competition lanes, each being at least 7 feet wide.

14. What should my swimmer eat before a meet?

All swimmers should try to eat a meal which is nutritionally good. If your swimmer is swimming in a Saturday morning meet, they should try to eat things such as fruits, toast, bagels, cereal, etc; at least an hour before the start of the meet. For an evening meet, try to have an early dinner in a small amount at least 2 hours before the start of the meet. Foods such as rice, breads, vegetables, spaghetti would all be great choices. The most important thing to remember when eating prior to or during a meet is to drink plenty of fluids and eat small amounts.

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